Your personal "Art Studio On Call" for pre-press production and studio management.

If you’ve got mechanicals or presentation materials to produce, but you don’t have the resources in-house to get them done on time, then it’s time to give Tenga’s Studio a call.

The experienced artists and the equipment you need are right here, right now. 

Great production artists can be hard to find. So stop wasting your valuable time calling recruitment agencies for artists who you then have to “get up to speed”. And don’t be surprised if they’re not as good as you were promised. But if they are, you’ll be lucky to get the same ones back for your next project. Or you can post an ad yourself and get inundated by resumes from unqualified people.   

But when you call us, you explain your working style once. And there’s no need for you to lease equipment, buy and update software or move the coffee machine. With over three decades of experience producing high-end mechanicals for print and presentation projects, we can guarantee that we’ll meet your deadlines. (And we will never accept a project if there’s any doubt about it.) 

For decades, we’ve earned the trust of our clients who are:

  • Print Production Managers who know that a missed press run could cost thousands of dollars 
  • Art Directors who are too busy being creative to worry about color modes, font formats, kerning, and line breaks
  • Digital Operations Managers who don’t have the resources to create high-resolution print files on short notice
  • Marketing Managers whose clients don’t understand why sending you more new projects causes more delays
  • Finance Managers who want to keep profits high by keeping monthly overhead low

Time is money. We’ll save you both.

Send us several projects at a time and we’ll get them all completed in a few days, not weeks. Use 3 of our Mac artists for 2 days, or 1 artist for 45 minutes. We have no minimum charges. No contracts, either. For a couple of bucks, you can have your own artists, proofreader and project manager at your beck and call on a cost-effective, minute-by-minute basis.

And you’ll save thousands of dollars because we only charge when we’re working, not waiting for work. Or posting on Facebook. Think of us as a light bulb that you turn on only when you need light. You pay for the electricity, but we pay for the bulb, the wires, and the switch.  

Our on-demand service fits your workload — and your budgets — like a glove.