When to call us

Is it time for us to help with a project?

Our clients usually contact us after they have a new concept created through their in-house Creative Department or an outside resource.  Then they will send us those layout files along with a new manuscript, images and a spreadsheet matrix to create a line extension or versioning based on that concept. 

You can call us when:  

  • your in-house studio is short-handed an artist or two due to illness, a hiring freeze, a temporary slowdown, vacation or restructuring.

  • you’ve paid a top-notch design company to rebrand your company, but you don’t want to pay them again to update your files to meet the new specs. The high-priced "architects" have done their job: let us skilled carpenters take it from here.

  • you want to avoid the high costs of hiring staffers prematurely. In addition to salary, there may be: paid vacation days, holiday pay, sick pay, personal days, maternity leave, overtime pay, life insurance, the Affordable Care Act expenses, Social Security, Medicare, FICA, State and Federal taxes. Avoid recruiter fees and possible termination litigation. Hiring freelancers on your premises won't eliminate many of those costs either because the IRS will consider them part-time employees. Tenga’s Studio is a “C” corporation — a vendor — and we could never be classified as staff under the IRS’s guidelines.   

  • sending your work to a company overseas could be a cheaper option (say, for book work), but you can’t risk getting cheap results. We are experts at pre-press print production, and we know what you mean when you talk about danglers, versioning, fugitive glue, eye marks, PSKs, 5/4, kiss-cuts, OOH and window clings. We speak your language.


Here are some of the companies that we have helped over the past two decades.

Our clients are international ad agencies, publishers and corporations that demand consistent, professional results. No delays, no excuses and no stupid mistakes. Isn’t that what you demand? 


Internal Communications material during the change of identity from Philip Morris to Altria.


Primary & secondary packaging, sample packets.


Direct marketing magazine ads.


Promotional and financial materials. 


Packaging, labels, GWP, compacts, gift inserts.


Direct Marketing billing inserts.

And a few more...


Direct Marketing, collateral and OOH under JWT Direct, Thompson Connect and RMG Connect.


Corporate material for marketing and promotions. 


Packaging, planograms, shelf talkers, hot stamps.


Hair salon retail material support. 


Direct marketing materials.


Magazine subscriptions, sweepstake packages and variable print material.